Upcoming xbox events in 2016 London

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We’ve heard there’s a pretty exciting even upcoming in London. We’ve also heard it’s totally free too. It’s regarding: “Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps with Visual Studio”

And it’ll be held on the 17th of august, from 9:30am until 4:30 pm. – It is 100% Free .

It’s an informal event but it’ll take you from start to finish in the app lifecycle using microsoft’s favourite tools (visual studio community) and going through app requirements, dev, automated testing and release. Pretty great stuff.

There is another even which relates to the Unity gaming development engine. It’s called LUUG55 (London Unity User Group)
Again this is in London on the first of September from 7pm to 10pm – it is also 100% 
Free  to attend.

Unity is an awesome dev tool for microsoft products so a really great opportunity to get to grips with it.

So if you’re heading that way grab yourself one of the cheap hotels London has available and save the date!

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What Are Best Accessories To Support Xbox Gaming Experience?

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in Best Accessories To Support Xbox Gaming

Venture up to another universe of gaming with Xbox. Microsoft has all that you have to plunge into the enterprise with the sultriest Xbox consoles, games, and accessories. Gaming accessories are a need for each genuine PC gaming lover. With numerous items, the decisions could look perpetual to a gamer.

The Chore Accessories Every Gamer Must Have

The rundown underneath of gamer accessories highlights the recommendations for fledgling and expert PC game fans alike.


Gamer Mice

With additional control keys, amazing usability and a more flexible hold, a gamer mouse takes game play to an alternate level of control. Particularly it is valuable for reaction time-touchy PC games, for example, First-Person Shooters.

Game Pads

Occasionally connected with gamer PC consoles, game pads typically work as a smaller rendition of your ordinary PC style console ready to be kept running with one hand. This permits gamers much better get to and control to the in- game workings while permitting their hand to wield the mouse. Some PC gamers truly appreciate game pads.

Gaming Headset

These set up together earphones and a mouthpiece to convey fabulous gaming correspondence. Whether you happen to be on a web game like World of Warcraft, an MMORPG with high accentuation on missions with some other WOW gamers, or in the event that you’d rather visit with amigos amid a game of Yahoo backgammon, a gamer headset ought to unquestionably convey extra solace with additional padding and commotion cancellation.

Gaming Speakers

Many games make utilization of encompassing sound innovation and best in class sound to enhance the game experience. A decent arrangement of PC Speakers can genuinely take your most loved PC game from a visual experience into a full-body enterprise! Beginning from reasonable to pricey, the sound system is promptly accessible for each financial plan.


Especially used by any individual who cherishes great computer games on the PC, a gaming console can surely take you back to past times worth remembering having six control keys alongside a directional pad.

PC Mouse Pads

It does not mean a normal mouse pad that is used with normal computers. This one is much firmer so that your wrist does not get strained very early and you can enjoy long hours of gaming without complaining about the discomfort of the mouse pad. These are marginally less normal with the expanded utilization of optical mice choices. A gaming mouse pad is vital for all genuine gamers.

Grab And Make The Ultimate Set Of The Gears For Your Xbox Game

Both Xbox One and Xbox 360 accompany a wide choice of games. Get something the entire family can play, or pick a game for every person. Including games to move, shooter, Disney, simgames, and then some, you’re certain to locate the ideal games to keep everybody entertained for quite a long time.

What’s more, find a full suite of Xbox accessories intended to upgrade your gaming background, from headsets that permit you to visit with different players to media remotes that keep the amusement readily available, remote Consoles that make playing more helpful, charge packs to rapidly squeeze up your batteries, and significantly more. Learn more by calling the Xbox Phone Number

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Xbox Play Anywhere Games

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The Xbox games are a revolution of its kind. Created and owned by Microsoft, these games are a haven for each video game player. It has a gaming video game console of a variety of exciting games. These games can now be streamed online for better usage. With the latest feature, you can play the Xbox games anywhere. This article provides and insight into the newest development by Microsoft. All about the features including the release date is given below.


Accessibility Of The New Xbox Feature

As has been released by Microsoft, the news is that all games published by it will now be part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program. It shall include:

  • It has also been known that from now on every new title published by the Microsoft Studios will be supported the Xbox Play Anywhere.
  • This feature would be accessible in the Windows Store easily.
  • It was at the E3 2016 that the term Xbox Play Anywhere came into existence.
  • The release marked the inclusion of games.The games are developed in such way that it will be compatible with all Xbox and also with the Windows 10. Gamers will experience a global playing session.
  • Thus a single purchase will be able to unlock all the game across both the given platforms. The earlier saved features and achievements from the games played will, therefore,be also transferred across both the available versions.

This was a pretty favourable statement released by the vice president Yusuf Mehdi.

Release Date Of Anywhere Games

The Play Anywhere will now be requiring the new Anniversary update by Windows 10.This approximately lands on the 2nd of August. Soon, the summer update will be also available for the gamers. It is coming soon. The games coming up in the line:

  • The very first game in this version is ReCore that has been launched in the September 2013.
  • Other games are included of Forza Horizon 3 (September 27), Gears of War 4 (October 11) and Halo Wars 2(February 17, 2017).

The Pc And Console Controversy

Well to put things together, the relationship between that of consoles and the, of course, the PCs has always been a really weird one. Xbox can be related with the term ‘console exclusive.’This has always induced a round of eye-rolling from many. Xbox is definitely exclusive.In this recent development, the Xbox makers have tried to bridge the gap. You actually pay the price of one while getting the comfort of two. PC versions would come out months or years later in the previous stages. It was rarely for the ports then to take advantage of the PC in its full vigor – try contacting the Xbox Hotline for more

The gaming scene is about to become more and more complicated as the day progresses. To think otherwise it shall bring a lot of benefits. It might seem a bit scary at first.

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The Various Support Places Of Xbox Repairing

Posted by on Jun 26, 2016 in Support Places Of Xbox Repairing

You would definitely not want a video game system like a Xbox to go wrong after spending some precious hours on it. A lifetime of fun and games is what ideally a person looks up to. But you should be ready with service providers from where can you search for help in case anything goes wrong with your Xbox. This article deals with the Xbox supports and where to find them.

Official Xbox Support Place

You can contact Xbox support number, to begin with. You could also try and visit the Xbox.com support section. Some pertinent information is all you will need that is concerned your machine.This is important in order to receive the required support. A lot of useful information is out there on the website which is concerned with the technical issues. You could easily browse many issues,one at a time, by using their good search tool. Punching in the words ‘technical help’ will be more than enough. Scroll through titles fitting your needs.


The Other Available Websites

Technical issues can be dealt with the information given on other sites as well. Other users, many times, have had the same problems that you might be having now. They will be making posts on the forum sites in order to help others through. You can find some related stuff and few other common issues that you need to. They will be discussed in that forum. There are also some sites that offer to help you in repairing the system yourself, the DIY way. Because of their untold popularity, it is not very difficult to find Xbox support online.

Choosing to do the repairing yourself is no harm. This is valid in cases where there is no longer a product warranty available. If you do not want to be conned and have some skill with game systems or other similar devices, you should opt for the DIY method. It is best to take it to the manufacturer if the fault happens in the warranty period.

Help For Simple Xbox Related Problems

It is perfectly okay to search online for a simple answer to common problems. You will be shown easy fixes on how to do it perfectly. You should just have the required amount of confidence to do it yourself. Go for it unless it requires more effort than you what were hoping to take on previously. In case you are not sure of the actions required to be taken then simply don’t take up the risk.Just calculate the costs of messing it up yourself. The cost for a professional repair will be more, but you will not regret. You may have to buy yourself a new one in case of a discreet mess.

The xbox.com support sites are always up online. They are going to understand the problem that you are experiencing. They will tell you ways on how to fix it yourself. If not, then they will suggest you to send the machine to Microsoft.

Contact Xbox Support

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